God Fights for Us

Deuteronomy 20:3-4 – God Fights

Intro: The enemy—has not changed – As we start this new year—be aware that the enemy is there- to kill, steal and destroy- BUT CHRIST HAS ALREADY COME TO GIVE US LIFE AND LIFE MORE ABUNDANTLY!!!



I. Do not be afraid

FEAR NOT—365 times 

WHYverse 4—because God is with us- HE will never leave us nor forsake us

What can man do to us? 

The fear mentioned in this verse is an absolute fear– of people / of situations/ of things/ of what people say or think/ of the future

Perfect love casts out ALL fear—I John 4:18 God has NOT given us a spirit of fear but of a sound mind!!II Timothy 1:7 

FEAR makes us become ‘small’—shrink back—build walls—fear of getting hurt by others we build walls around ourselves—fear of what others may say—keeps us silent 

Fear of what MAY happen- makes us refuse to go forward in life

Fear of loss – makes us try to cling onto what we have

The Lord says- LOOK the enemy is out there- there is no doubt about that—BUT I have conquered the enemy- IT IS FINISHED- and you have to walk in that VICTORY- you have the power and the authority- to cast out demons- to bring good news to transform lives- to see people delivered from their chains of darkness SO THERE IS NO REASON TO BE AFRAID


II. Do not be Fainthearted 

A. the word for Fainthearted means weary- giving up- going soft 

B. Our God has given us ALL we need- all the resources we need- tap into those resources—EVERY SPIRITUAL BLESSING – Ephesians 1:3

Have you grown weary of loss= tap into His abundance and supply

Have you grown weary of betrayal- tap into His acceptance and approval

Have you grown weary of sickness and disease- tap into His healing power

Have you grown weary of drama- tap into His peace 

Have you grown weary of temptation – tap into His Victory

Have you grown weary of the battle – tap into His Courage and Strength

Have you grown weary of sadness – tap into His Joy 


III. Do not tremble or be terrified

A. the word TREMBLE– actually means to panic to -the actual word means to be in a hurry—when we allow the enemy to intimidate us often we make wrong decisions because we HURRY- we aren’t PATIENT—


Ps. 46:10; Isaiah 41:10 

C. panic and anxiety cause us to grow weary within. Rushing around like chickens without a head causing us to become confused….Philippians 4:6, 7 —BE ANXIOUS FOR NOTHING 

D. HE GIVES US REST in our minds- those anxious thoughts or panicked ideas are NOT from God they are from the enemy

E. The word here for TERRIFIED– also means tremble but it has a deeper meaning of being oppressed—it says DO NOT be oppressed– terrified- ‘allow’ the enemy to push you down.


What have you allowed the enemy to ‘push you down’ with? Other people’s opinions? Your past? Your mistakes- past or present? 

NO weapon formed against us shall prosper—the enemy loves to use our mind- remember he loves to twist God’s Word and the Truth to keep us in oppression. Whose report are we going to believe- are we going to believe the twists of the enemy or are we going to believe the straightforward Word of God? 


We walk in FAITH- in FREEDOM- feeding on the WORD OF GOD and standing on HIS Word so that we can knowingly walk in victory day in and day out- NO MATTER what we are going through or what comes against us. 

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