HANG IN THERE. When I was a kid, there was a poster of a little orange kitty barely hanging on a branch and the caption read, “Hang in There”. Anyone remember that little guy? I want to encourage you this morning that if you are going through the fire, HANG IN THERE.

If you are sick and God hasn’t healed you yet, HANG IN THERE. If that mountain seems just too difficult to climb, HANG IN THERE. If you’ve cried out to God and you haven’t heard an answer HANG IN THERE. God will show up on time, not your time, not my time, but on time. He has not forgotten you and He has heard your cries. He knows. He cares. He will answer.

Meanwhile, encourage yourself in the Lord:“And I said, “This is my anguish; But I will remember the years of the right hand of the Most High.” I will remember the works of the LORD; Surely I will remember Your wonders of old. I will also meditate on all Your work, And talk of Your deeds.” Psalms‬ ‭77:10-12‬ ‭REMEMBER what God has done in your life! He’s answered before and He will answer again.

Remember how Jesus plucked you out of the pit, how He washed you whiter than snow and set your feet upon a Rock. Remember how He saved you from certain destruction. Turn your mind from your problems and meditate on the good things He has done for you. Talk of His goodness and mercy. Talk of His mighty power to heal and to save- it will change your attitude. Your words need to speak life. HANG IN THERE.

God will answer. God will heal. Jesus is mighty to save and to deliver. Speak the words of life over your anguish today and remember what He has done for you. Ask for Holy Spirit strength to hang in there and wait on Him. Keep your faith burning hot and repent of all doubt and disbelief. Repent from grumbling and complaining. Keep oil in your lamp and make sure it is burning bright. He is faithful and He is coming soon!#runyourrace

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