WHO ARE YOU? Or rather, “what is your identity in?” As I’m even asking this, a lot would answer, “a Christian of course!” But your actions and day to day words speak so much louder. What I see is a bunch of modifiers.

The reason you have no peace is because you are NOT identifying solely as a child of God. You identify as a mom (insert your identifier) and so when you fail or succeed as a mom, you are either downcast or exalted. Everything you do or say surrounds you identifying as a mom.

When you identify by your job, successes or failures, your past, place in society, rich or poor, white, black, brown or tan, Jew or Greek; you will be in prison to that identity. You are building on sinking sand. We are wrapped up in our identity and everything stems from who we believe we are. For years my identity was wrapped up in my ability to succeed. I hated my skin, I was poor white trash, abused, abandoned and neglected. People defined me by that and I believed their words that I would never amount to anything. I was held captive to my identity. So I was driven.

Until I came face to face with the Lord and He stripped me of all I once held dear and built my life upon. He left me with one option: be His child. I am begging you as one who has struggled to walk and live in peace, find your identity in Christ alone. When you are ridiculed and persecuted, go through trials, storms and temptations, cursed and confounded; the only answer is, “I am His and this world is not my home.”

The child of God has her home in heaven, and this world and all it’s ways are totally unfamiliar to her. She can endure any persecution because she knows she is of a royal priesthood, a daughter of the King and she need not explain who she is to anyone. “I am a stranger and a temporary resident on the earth; hide not Your commandments from me.” Psalm‬ ‭119:19‬ ‭ I am His. In Christ alone.#runyourrace

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