WHEN YOUR WILL supersedes God’s will, it is idolatry. When your truth supersedes the Truth, it is idolatry. When your ways and your word supersede God’s Word, it is idolatry. “But I’m not worshiping a golden statue!” You protest. You are misinformed of what idolatry is: it is placing and preferring ANYTHING above God and what He says. You prefer your agenda, your plans, your rights, your philosophy, all above God’s Word. Continue to believe your own lies about this and you’ll find yourself traveling down a road you never wanted to go.

I’ve watched too many people wander down that proverbial wide road of destruction because they elevated their idolatrous thoughts above God’s Word and then harden their hearts to the Truth. There is a point of no return, when your sin so deceives you, your heart becomes hardened and calloused and you can no longer repent, “looking carefully lest anyone fall short of the grace of God”. There are always two things mentioned in Scripture to flee: sexual immorality and idolatry, these are twin sisters. Where one goes, so goes the other.

Idolatry is self-governing behavior. It is saying, “I am my own god”. You proclaim, “Jesus is Lord” with your lips, but the rest of your words and actions deny Him that right to govern you. Jesus is calling you to repent and return to Him with all your heart. A divided heart will be vomited out. You cannot serve two masters. “Little children, KEEP YOURSELF from idols.” 
I John 5:21 #runyourrace

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