TO MINGLE-MIX, BLEND, intermix, weave. The children of Israel did exactly what God’s Word told them not to do. Not only did they marry the pagans; they accepted their ways and idolatries, doing business and trade with them, forgetting their covenant with God, “They did not destroy the peoples, Concerning whom the LORD had commanded them, But they mingled among the heathen And learned their works;” Psalms‬ ‭106:34-35‬ ‭And the old adage rings true, “bad company corrupts good morals”.

Omissions make way for commissions. Mingle long enough with someone or something and you will learn their ways. Oh how many times have I seen this played out! God’s Word warns us time and time again, “come out from among them and be separate!” but we are cowardly in the face of society. We would rather have man’s approval than God’s approval and so we forsake our covenant with heaven for temporary accolades.

My friend, continue down that path and it only ends in destruction. The cowardly are not in His kingdom, Rev 21:8. Learn from Israel’s mistakes. Mingle with worldly philosophies and its pagan ways, and you will become like them, adopting them as your own. You will find yourself shut out. God’s Word stands firm forever. It’s not outdated nor is it passé. His Word is life. It is a lamp unto our path. Hold fast to it and you will receive the crown of life.

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