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Jesus Prays For You

John 17:11-23

  1. Not for every body
  2. A prayer for deliverance. (14-16) READ V 14-16
  • “I pray for them. I do not pray for the world but for those whom You have given Me, for they are Yours. 10 And all Mine are Yours, and Yours are Mine, and I am glorified in them.
  • This prayer that we are reading, that Jesus is praying- it is important for you to understand- Jesus isn’t praying for the whole world- he’s just praying for his disciples
  • many people want to appropriate the promises of God for them, when they are not even in Christ and haven’t submitted to his authority
  • If you are sitting here today, and you have not received Christ as savior, then these promises CAN be appropriated in your life WHEN you receive Christ, but this prayer that Jesus has for his disciples, are not for you yet
  • I’m not being rude, I’m letting you know- if you happen to be a briefing that is talking about Alaska oil money, and you don’t live in Alaska, you wont be getting a check- as bad as you want it.I. A Prayer for Security – (v. 11-13)
jesus prays
  • READ V 11-13
  • This section of the prayer is very unique because it is the only place in the John where we find Jesus using the term “Holy Father.”  scholars have disagreed on the context of it
  • I think Jesus uses this term because he want God to watch over us like a Father would.
  • Jesus uses the term “kept them in your name”
  • The Father and the Name of the Father has kept the disciples, none were lost *but one
  • I like that image of God with all his power and might watching over each us with the affection of a Father.
  • There are two different forms of the word “keep” used in verse 12.
  • One meaning more “I preserve” the other meaning more “I guarded”
  • Jesus is simply reminding the Father “While I was in the world, I guarded them as a means to their preservation. Now I am no more in the world, and I come to you, Father to preserve them in your name.”
  • Jesus protected the disciples while he was with them- but now, God will have to take care of them
  • This protection doesn’t mean that you will not experience harm- it does not mean that you will not experience calamity
  • This week- Family of 3 killed by concrete- Why didn’t God protect them? They were pastors! Isn’t there a special detail for Pastors?
  • There are four options here– 1. God made it happen 2. God allowed it to happen 3. It just happened 4. I don’t know
  • This value we place on human life is almost idolatry- we are ALL moving towards DEATH
  • I didn’t know this couple- they were youth pastors- I’m going to assume they loved Jesus, and lived for him- I’m going to assume the 8 month old wasn’t at an age of accountability
  • but this scripture was true in their lives-
  • v 12 keep through Your name those whom You have given Me
  • They, who believed on Jesus, were received into his kingdom on that day
jesus prays 2
  • What does it mean to you?
  • You have security in Christ!  The bible says you were sealed with his Holy Spirit!
  • If you are IN Christ- you don’t have to fear tomorrow- you dont have to FEAR what is in the FUTURE-
  • Fight in Junior High- “we got you matt”
  • Psalm 16:8 I have set the Lord always before me; Because He is at my right hand I shall not be moved
  • The promises of God are “yea” and “amen” to you! You can walk in VICTORY over any and ALL situations because GOD IS KEEPING YOU SAINTS
  • Psalm 40:2 He also brought me up out of a horrible pit, Out of the miry clay, And set my feet upon a rock, And established my steps
  • If anyones prayers work- Its JESUS!
  • Twice in this section Jesus reminds the Father, “They are not of the world, even as I am not of the world.”
  • Jesus prayer here is one of deliverance to God saying,  “God keep them from the evil one (Satan).”
  • Jesus is asking God to deliver us from Satan who is the prince of this world.
  • As parents, we try to protect our kids from the ills of this world, but there is a time we offer them up into God’s hands, and ask for him to protect them from Satan
  • Jesus simply prays lord protect them form the Father of lies, Satan. Jesus prays Father help them because,  “They are not part of this world any more than I am.”
  • Notice- Jesus doesn’t say to take them out of the world, but to protect them from Satan, the prince of this world
  • God still has stuff for his disciples to do in the world- even when Satan is there-
  • But God will deliver them from the hand of Satan!
  • What does it mean to you?
  • The plan of Satan will NOT PREVAIL
  • What does it mean to you
  • God will deliver you from the hand of the Evil one!
  • Rev 12: 9 So the great dragon was cast out, that serpent of old, called the Devil and Satan, who deceives the whole world; he was cast to the earth, and his angels were cast out with him.
  • The prayer of Jesus is an effective prayer to the saints of God that we will be kept from the EVIL ONE!
  • Hebrews 7:25  Therefore He is also able to save to the uttermost those who come to God through Him, since He always lives to make intercession for them.
  • If you have something that you are going through RIGHT NOW God wants to deliver you from it in Jesus Name
  • God wants you to experience deliverance from your attack of the evil one
  • Pray right now- God, deliver me from the hand of Satan as you promised
  • Jesus taught us to pray “but deliver us from Evil”
  • This deliverance is one that has already been bought for you! You dont have to earn it, it has already been earned!

III. A Prayer for Sanctification (17-19).READ V 17-19

  • While conversion is a one-time act and decision, sanctification is a lifetime process and determination. Its a changing of mind and actions-
  • Jesus understood that his disciples were not going to be perfect, but would be perfected.
  • Sanctification is not about living a clean or perfect life, but an obedient life.
  • The attraction of the world, the flesh, and the attacks of the devil are daily battles.
  • It involves a purifying of the whole life of that person or thing to the service of God.
  • Justification is a one time event- we are forgiven by God through Jesus Christ
  • Sanctification is a ‘setting apart’ its an act of the will, of making decisions to reject sin and embrace holiness in our lives– Notice- The admonition of the NT letters, were to the SAVED
  • This is a PROCESS. A LIFETIME process- a work that is done by the Holy Spirit in US and through us as we go through our lives
  • This is why there are things in your life that you still struggle with, because you are being sanctified, or at least you should be
  • In the Old Testament it usually conveyed the idea of making something sacred, usually by the burning of sacrifices
  • Jesus set Himself apart as the sacrificial offering to God so that we His followers might also be pure and holy.
  • The key word is the word “overcome, which is a word from the last verse of the previous chapter John 16:33. Jesus said, “I have overcome the world.”
  • The word overcome in John 16:33 comes from the root word nike.
  • Nike is Greek for the noun victory (1 Jn 5:4), nika is the verb he has overcome (1 Jn 5:4)
  • hupernikomen (Rom 8:37) is more than conquerors.
  • In Christ we are overcomers, we are conquerors, and we are victorious.
  • You don’t fall into sanctification, you cooperate with the Holy Spirit and you participate with Him in the process.
  • We see that it involves “sanctification in the Spirit” (1 Pet 1:2)
  • “sanctification by the Spirit“ (2 Thess 2:13)
  • “he might sanctify her, having cleansed her by the washing of water with the word” (Eph 5:26).
  • The “washing of water with the word” is a direct reference to the Word of God, the Bible.
  • When we read the Bible on a regular basis, this allows the Holy Spirit to sanctify us by the power that is in the Word.
  • Remember there is real power in the active, living, sharper-than-a-two-edged-sword Word (Heb 4:12).
  • It washes us…cleanses us…and gives us access to the power of the Holy Spirit which is the same power of God that raised Christ from the dead!
  • IV. A Prayer for Unity (20-23).
    READ V 20-23
  • Thomas Jefferson said, “An association of men who will not quarrel with one another is a thing which has never existed.”
  • The word one is another key word in John 17. It appears in verses 11, twice in 21 and 22, and 23.
  • Jesus wants unity in his disciples
  • 1 Cor 3:1-8 READ Follow paul, appolos
  • he unity of God’s church should reflect the unity of the Father and the Son.
  • Verse 23 reveals to us the nature of this unity. The Son is obedient to the Father and the Father loves the Son (v 23). We are many members, but one body (Rom 12:4-5, Col 3:15).
  • Again, to be one is not the absence of opinions, but the absence of divisions.
  • we can be in community, have opinions that differ and still be unified-
  • The church’s greatest damage is the open sore that festers and swells and spreads after a disagreement or a misunderstanding.
  • Going to Disneyland- I paid to do the “superplan” made the family do the plan- scrubbed
  • We didnt’ leave Disneyland because we had a disagreement– we were still THERE
  • Disunity weakens, scatter, and muffles the church.”
  • It’s been said that the many churches were planted not by design but by default through church divisions, church splits and church fights.
  • Let us not be divided but united to grow the church into what God would have it be.
  • I will always remember the word of Bill Hybles who said there is nothing on earth like the local    church when it is working right. It has the power to transform and changes lives.
  • There are things that have divided churches for Years, Music, Theology, procedures, flows, locations, leadership,
  • Folks- I believe God wants to do some big things with this church- and its impossible that we all agree on everything every day-
  • But we need to agree that Jesus Christ came to save sinners- and preach that truth
  • We need to speak well of each other and defend each other
  • we need to focus on scripture and staying true to Gods word
  • think about this- the NT letter were written to New churches that needed help to do it right- because they were doing it wrong
  • So we’re going to do some stuff wrong- but with God’s help, we’ll get back on track!
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