Watch The Church Live Stream!

11:00 AM (9 AM NOT Streamed) on Sundays – 7 PM Wednesdays

At Faith and Victory Church we live stream the services so you never miss out when you are sick, out of town, or just can’t make it to church.  We also share the live stream on our our social media to spread the gospel to the world. Currently we live stream to our YouTube Channel which has over 1,500 followers.  If you appreciate the live stream, make sure to subscribe to the channel, like the video, and leave us some comments.  We really appreciate it.

Sometimes because the technology fails, our comcast internet fails, or YouTube fails the live stream may not work.  If it’s not working make sure to contact Pastor Todd ( and let him know.  Sometimes he can pull a rabbit out of a hat and make the livestream appear.

faith and victory church live stream

Live Stream is NOT Church

The Faith and Victory Church Live Stream is not intended to be used as a replacement for church attendance but rather a supplement for those that are sick or out of town. Every Christian needs other brothers and sisters in Christ to hold them accountable to to grow in their relationship with God. Every Christian needs a place to serve God’s Bride (The Church) to further the spread of the gospel. Please consider check out the new visitors page and visiting on our services in person. We really do want to meet you and get to know you.

Signed The FVC Live Stream Team

PS – If you love technology and would like to join the FVC Live Stream Team we would love to have you.  Just contact Pastor Todd and he’ll get you plugged in.

auburn wa church live stream

Share the Gospel Save the World

In an age where technology has transformed the way we connect and communicate, the concept of worship has expanded beyond the physical walls of a church building. A significant development in this digital age is the introduction of church live streams – a virtual window that opens up opportunities for congregants and seekers alike to engage in worship, teaching, and community, regardless of their location. Let’s explore the vital function of a church live stream and how it is useful to the local church

**1. Access to Worship: A church live stream extends an invitation to individuals who might not be able to attend in person due to various reasons such as health concerns, distance, or other commitments. It ensures that anyone, regardless of their physical location, can participate in the worship service, fostering a sense of one body among the church community.

**2. Reach Beyond Boundaries: Church live streams transcend geographical boundaries. Friends, family members, and even curious seekers located in different parts of the world can tune in to join the worship service. This provides an excellent platform for spreading the message of faith and creating a global reach that was once limited by physical proximity.

**3. Connection during Special Circumstances: Live streaming serves as a lifeline during unforeseen circumstances that prevent gathering physically, such as inclement weather, pandemics, or emergencies. It ensures that the church community remains connected and engaged despite external challenges, reinforcing the sense of belonging and support.

**4. Enrichment of Teaching: Beyond the worship service, church live streams enable access to educational and spiritual growth opportunities. Sermons, Bible studies, and workshops can be broadcasted, providing attendees with valuable teachings that can be revisited and studied at their own pace.

**5. Invitation for Seekers: Church live streams offer a non-intimidating introduction to church life for seekers who may be curious about faith but hesitant to step into a physical church building. The accessibility of live streams allows them to observe and participate in worship from a distance, easing them into the church experience.

**6. Archiving for Future Reference: Church live streams can be recorded and archived, creating a library of past services, sermons, and events. This resource is a valuable tool for individuals who want to revisit teachings, meditate on messages, or share specific content with others.

In conclusion, the function of a church live stream is an important tool that doesn’t replace in attending church but rather enhances the church experience.  We encourage you to check us out online and also in person.