SQUIRREL! DID I MAKE YOU LOOK? Are you an easily distracted person? I was talking last night with a group of ladies of how I can get distracted just looking at someone’s cute shoes. Anything can become a distraction, especially when you are pursuing the Lord. The enemy will use any kind of distraction in order to keep you from hearing the Word of the Lord and being transformed, “faith comes by hearing the Word of God”.
“But Martha was distracted with much serving” Luke‬ ‭10:40‬ ‭
Yep, even service to God can become a distraction from hearing Him. I know people who would rather come to the house of the Lord and serve rather than sit and listen and be transformed. This is a great tactic of the enemy because we deceive ourselves into thinking we are good by our service. However, Jesus told Martha that Mary, who was sitting and learning at His feet as a student, chose the better thing to do. There is a time to serve, but you have to sit, listen and be transformed first.

This world offers so many distractions: a sunny day in Seattle is an excuse to miss church, a flu outbreak, a cute baby in church, offense and bitterness towards another, busyness, your tv, computer, and/or phone, sickness, visiting relatives and much more. Take your pick. The enemy uses distractions, it is one of his tactics. However, you allow him to distract you when you are unaware and perhaps not yet fully surrendered to the Lord. You have a choice and an obligation to “think on these things” and be “transformed by renewing your mind.” God still expects you to do what He commands, regardless of your schedule.
We all have the same 24 hours. You’re still expected to pray, study the Word to show yourself approved, do not forsake the gathering of the brethren, use the Spiritual gifts God has given you, love the brethren, make disciples, give generously, and much more; but these need to come from a fully surrendered heart. Mary chose the better part. Otherwise, it’s fleshly, selfish works.

God is more concerned with perfecting your character than your comfort. Beware, serving can be a distraction to keep you from surrendering and the transformation the Spirit is trying to accomplish in you. He is molding and shaping you for His purposes and for this to take place, you have to sit still and allow Him to transform and refine you. The enemy does not have to destroy you, just distract you and render you ineffective. Lest on that day you say, “I did all these things!” And He replies, “depart from Me. I never knew you.” What distractions are you using as an excuse to not sit still under His molding hands?

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