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 At Faith and Victory Church we love church merch!  We are not afraid to represent God and our church as we go about our daily public lives.  Each year our retreats provide fun themed Christian shirts as a part of the retreat experience.  Through the years we’ve learned that the members of Faith and Victory Church wanted additional church merch, hoodies, and even older shirts that were no longer available.  Thus the victory apparel store was born and is now in it’s 2nd upgraded version.  If you have any requests about shirts or hoodies you’d like to see please contact Pastor Todd Sommer @  

Please note we use a 3rd party service (bon fire) to order shirts.  Pastor Todd and Faith and Victory Church can NOT help you with your order.  You’ll need to contact them directly.  

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Raised in a turbulent upbringing devoid of meaning and direction, Author Crystal Krachunis shares her heart wrenching testimony of God bringing her from death to life. Through the story you will feel the tension and experience the joy as you learn what the plan for your life is. “Run Your Race” is filled with stories of life that will touch your heart and motivate you to run the race that’s been set before you. Crystal’s struggles become your inspiration as you walk through finding the true answer to being able to overcome every personal obstacle that you face in your daily life.

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We Are The Beloved

We are a Christian music duo made up of vocalist, Michál Larson, and pianist, Angie Derrick. Together we write and compose our own original lyrics and music, both for corporate worship and personal encouragement. We began our songwriting journey together in February 2020 with the goal of making music that would not only glorify God and edify the church, but also create creeds set to music. Our goal is to write songs so closely aligned with Scripture that even if our bibles were taken away, we could still sing the words! 

Along with our biblical worldview and lyrics, we wanted a name that reflected Scripture. “Beloved” in the bible is a precious term, often speaking of Christian brethren, of the Bride of Christ and of our Beloved Savior. With this cherished name we hope to honor the church and to glorify our Lord, Jesus Christ, with all our lives and music.

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