WHERE ARE YOU GIVING THE ENEMY place? It’s been a common theme this past year with me. The enemy found a hairline fracture and has been jack hammering it. You know how a child that wants something will incessantly pester you until you either give in or send them to their room? Kids are relentless when they want something and will continue to find ways to bring the conversation back around to what they want. That’s how the enemy works. He continues to pester you with thoughts, people, circumstances until you either send him away (again and again and again) or give in. If you give in to the lie, then you are giving the enemy a place.

Maybe it’s a place in your thoughts and you allow that lie to stay there for days and weeks, torturing you and keeping you up at night. Maybe you’ve allowed the enemy into your heart, so like Judas you are seeking any opportunity to betray the ones who love you. “Neither give place to the devil.” ‭‭Ephesians‬ ‭4:27‬ ‭Where are you giving him place? We are told to give the devil NO place in our lives. This means no place in my thoughts, “take every thought captive” again and again and again.

Remember- he’s relentless. Give him no place with my lips: no lies, no slander, no discord or division, no destructive words. Keeping silent will save you from destruction. Give him no place in my actions, “live according to the Spirit and you will not fulfill the lust of the flesh”. If you do these things, he will find no place in your heart. You can’t stop the enemy from trying, but you can stop him from finding a place in you to wreak havoc.

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