MANY HAVE DONE MUCH that is commendable, yet we can perish for the lack of just one thing. The rich young ruler had kept the law from the time he was a child, but Jesus told him he lacked one thing.

“Yet, you lack ONE THING: sell all that you have, and distribute unto the poor, and you shall have treasure in Heaven: and come and follow Me.” Luke 18:22

Don’t get it wrong, Jesus isn’t telling you to sell all you have and give to the poor. Don’t get caught up in the social gospel. He told this man specifically because this rich man’s wealth was his idol. He loved his riches. Jesus read his heart. This ruler could not bear Christ’s terms, which would part him from his estate, and so he went away sorrowful. After a long struggle between your convictions and your corruptions, will your corruptions carry the day? You cannot serve two masters, so who will you quit? Will you quit your God, or will you quit your worldliness and its gain? Will your boasted obedience be found to be mere show? Does the love of the world and its ways lie at the root of your heart? God may not ask all of you, but all must be on the altar and it’s guaranteed that He will ask you to give up that one thing that you love more than you love Him.

I had stopped drinking alcohol completely when I was newly saved. I knew this was what the Lord required of me. It was a part of my past life. But because of a season when I dealt with anxiety and a panic disorder, I allowed myself to drink a glass of wine to help me sleep. This went on for a period of time. I loved wine and I reasoned it in my head that it was ok because I was not getting drunk, even though the Lord said to me, “it is not for you”. I didn’t want to give it up. I had given up all for Him. I moved out of the state that I loved and away from my family, friends and sun. I had turned away from my old life and put on the new man in Christ. All I did was because I loved Him. But there was this one thing He asked me to give up. No alcohol. No wine. Not even one sip. As I wrestled with this, I heard the voice of the Lord say to me, “Crystal, do you love wine more than me?” I broke and I haven’t touched anything in 15 years. It didn’t matter what else I did for Him, He wanted the one thing that had the ability to master me. I wasn’t aware that was taking place, but He knew.

He knows that the one thing has the ability to master and control you. He doesn’t ask of it to rob you of a pleasure, but to safeguard you from destroying yourself. Trust Him when He asks the one thing of you. He asks it for your own good. He knows what will eventually take you away from Him. Today, lay it on the altar. Give it to Him then follow Him. He is faithful in His watch over you. #runyourrace

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