Israel’s camp was organized with an inner circle of Levite’s around the tabernacle and an outer circle of the 12 tribes, with three tribes on each side of the tabernacle. The line of march was organized in such a way that when the cloud lifted, they could move quickly, and when the cloud settled, they found their place without confusion. God is a God of order, not for order’s sake, but for His purposes to be accomplished.

Order makes for a smooth operation of work that needs to be done. A lot of charismatic types think they are more spiritual than others and letting the Spirit “have His way”, when all they are really doing is running amok and operating according to their flesh. This was a huge problem in the Corinthian church. The gifts were not being used to edify others in an orderly manner, but were abused. Their flesh was out of control with sin. Paul had to continually put the Corinthian church under discipline. “Let all things be done decently and in order.” I Corinthians‬ ‭14:40‬ ‭Why? First of all, it is not about you.

The church is “we” gathering together to glorify the Lord. Speaking in tongues edifies you, but no one else. Go in your prayer closet if there’s no one to interpret. Prophecy is for others, but must be exercised in a decent manner. Don’t scare someone with healing! Just go and pray for them, laying your hands on them gently. And all this must be coupled with the fear of the Lord! God has an established order and authority. To not obey His order and authority, is rebellion and rebellion is witchcraft.

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