YOU WERE BOUGHT WITH A PRICE; you are not your own. A very high and costly price, the blood of Christ. And IF you claim to be bought by Christ and for Christ, then the life you now live is not your own to do with what you want. Your freedom was bought. God has been faithful to do His part, have you been faithful in yours? “And if you have not proved faithful in that which belongs to another [whether God or man], who will give you that which is your own [that is, the true riches]?” Luke‬ ‭16:12‬ ‭

Did you know God asks you to be faithful? I don’t know one bride or one groom who has said, “I just wish they would be unfaithful!” If you happen to meet any, RUN! He asks you to be faithful to obey all His commands. He asks you to be faithful to not return to sin and destruction. He asks you to be faithful to the church Body, take care of one another, to bear each other’s burdens and to “not forsake the gathering of the brethren”. He asks you to be faithful with your money, to give to Him your first fruits and faithful with your time, “redeeming the time because the days are evil”.

Some of you are sick because you have taken His communion in an unworthy manner, not examining yourself if you have been faithful. Some of you continue to sin willfully, trampling on His blood. He calls you to be a faithful servant. He doesn’t ask you to do another’s job, nor does He ask you to be like another. You will hear one of two things on that day, “well done good and FAITHFUL servant”, or “depart from Me you worker of iniquity, I never knew you”. It takes zero talent to be faithful.

Just because you do a service for God does not mean He is pleased with you. You cannot live in sin and disobedience snd say you have been faithful. Many are spiritual fornicaters- wanting the benefits of the body without a commitment to the body. Have you been faithful? Or are you like a wayward bride, with roaming eyes? On that day, how will He find you? #runyourrace

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