ALL THE RIGHT THINGS, but not with a perfect heart. It was recorded of King Hezekiah he had a “perfect heart” and that he did what was right with “all his heart”, “And he did what was right in the sight of the LORD, according to all that his father David had done.” II Chronicles‬ ‭29:2‬ ‭When a king is mentioned with David, it always implies that his heart was perfect, or wholeheartedly, before the Lord.

Only a few are mentioned as to the likes of King David. Compare to Christ’s words to the churches in Revelation. The Ephesian church did all the right things, but not with a perfect heart; they had left their first love and were in danger of removal. It’s a grave warning to us: you can do everything right and still get it wrong.

Many of Israel’s kings started out right, but because the Lord did not have their whole heart, they did not end well. What’s the purpose of your heart? Do you truly have a single purpose heart? To love the Lord and obey Him in all His ways? Or is your heart divided? Do you still love the world and it’s ways? Do you try to please men? Or do you live for an audience of One? Do you fear man and do not operate in a reverential fear of God?

Are you like Simon the Sorcerer, who only wanted God’s Holy Spirit for his own personal power? Only you can answer. Surrender yourself before the Lord and allow the Spirit to pierce your heart. He must have all, some won’t do.

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