Preparing for Battle

Preparing for battle

Text:  Deut 20:2-4, Joshua 1:1-3; 5-9

Introduction: God want us to have great courage in 2021!

Meaning of courage: “to show oneself strong.”

The promised land 

– the life of victory, a life of living in the fruit of the spirit- the gifts of the spirit

-a life of the promises of God and going into the new things that God has for us— 

  1. God commanded Joshua to be strong and courageous. Joshua 3:1-4 
    1. Moses also had commanded Joshua. Deut 31:5-8
    2. Whatever God has for us this year will demands courage! 
  1. We need to obey and walk in His word. Joshua 1:9
    1. We are to obey His word.
    2. We are to confess His word. 
    3. We are to meditate His word. 
  1. How we are to be walking in courage.
  2. Consecrate yourself                     Joshua 3:5

Consecrate:  The act of setting apart; To sanctify; Dedicating for God’s use.

  1. 1 Peter 2:9 
  2. Deut 14:2 
  3. Be holy as He is Holy – 1 Peter 1:15, Titus 2:11-12
  4. Romans 12:1-2

Consecration means, “I will set aside the typical and put my spirit on ready to see where God is working around me so that I can join Him.

  1. Listen to the words of the Lord (instructions). Joshua 3:9 
  1. John 8:47
  2. Prov 2:1-5
  1. Walk in obedience to all HE asks of us. Joshua 3:13,15
  1. Faith moves you forward in God’s way, in God’s timing. And there will come a moment when you must act on what God has said. If you don’t, you’ll never cross the Jordan.
  2. Not in fear or doubt. Vs. 17 
  3. Remember and testify of what God has done. Joshua 4:5-7 
  4. Psalm 77:11, Rev 12:11


Tomorrow you will see GREAT and MIGHTY things!!

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