“I WILL EXALT MYSELF”. The words of our enemy. “I will be lifted up” he whispers proudly into our ears. Beware the prideful words of the enemy! He is cunning. He is crafty. He walks about like a roaring lion seeking for the weak and lame. Be aware of pride.

The Holy Spirit is warning the church that pride has infiltrated her. Pride has taken hold of her members and deceived her heart. There is a pride of life, pride of “my ministry” and “my work”. Pride exalts the individual above the Lord and His Word. Pride focuses on self achievements and lifts up the person above the Lord. Pride says, “I can do what I want to do. I am under grace.” Anytime you seek your own way above His way: it is pride.

Pride is satan’s oldest and most deadly tool. Many noble and righteous men have fallen into destruction and disrepair over pride’s craftiness. Pride’s work is subtle; it doesn’t come charging into your life, but rather creeps in slowly and unassuming. Uzziah was a righteous and godly king, until pride crept in. “But when [King Uzziah] was strong, he became proud to his destruction; and he trespassed against the Lord his God, for he went into the temple of the Lord to burn incense on the altar of incense.” 2 Chronicles‬ ‭26:16‬ ‭AMPC‬‬ Burning incense was not the job of the king, that was a holiness only for the priesthood.

Pride lifts you up to positions that are not yours. As I like to say, stay in your lane. Paul proclaims, “What do you have that was not given to you?” The answer: nothing. No gift is of your own doing. It’s all from the Creator. In fact, most gifts aren’t even for you, they are to benefit and encourage the Body of Christ. How will you take credit for anything? Your very breath was given to you. Jesus continually told the masses, “Give praise to God!”

Never forget you are the vessel- not the originator. You are the creation, not the Creator. If you are raised to a position of honor, stay humble at the Master’s feet. You might do well to remember Nebuchadnezzar. Pride causes the Lord to resist you. Always stay in a position of GRATITUDE. If He increases your territory, remember that He has done it. #runyourrace

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