WHATEVER YOU FEED WILL GROW. This is across the board. Feed a crop water and nutrients it’ll grow and produce fruit. Starve it, and it’ll die. It’s amazing to me how many Christians do not really grasp God’s Word, “God will not be mocked. Whatever a man sows, THAT is what he will reap.” You reap the fruit of whatever seeds you sow. Sow and feed discord and you reap discord. Sow and feed gossip and you reap gossip. Sow and feed negativity and reap negativity. Take this even a step closer to your heart, sow and feed destructive and impure thoughts and you reap destructive, impure thoughts.

Why do you think our Lord tells us, “Take EVERY thought captive to the obedience of Christ”? Because God knows the power of our thoughts. He knows how a single thought can destroy a life and others around it. Leaven activates and spreads quickly. MANY have been destroyed because of a thought they let take root and continued to feed. It doesn’t matter if that thought was a lie, that lie still destroys. It’s a lie to believe, “everyone is against me”; yet many believe and feed that lie and are destroyed.

What thoughts are you feeding? What lies are you feeding and entertaining? You WILL give birth to these things. Feed on God’s promises. Feed on His Truth. Disconnect from evil influences. Buy the TRUTH and do not sell it for anything! #runyourrace

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