IF ANYONE TOLD YOU I WILL NOT forgive them, they lied to you. I’ve been forgiven a huge debt that I couldn’t pay. “If you do not forgive, you will not be forgiven” Matthew 6:15 Holding a grudge imprisons you. Forgiveness sets you free. But there’s a difference between forgiveness and reconciliation.

Forgive is the Greek word aphiēmi, meaning “to send away, dismiss, suffer to depart; to emit, send forth.” Reconciliation is the Greek word katallagē, meaning “an exchange; reconciliation, restoration to favor.” Reconciliation involves forgiveness. But it goes beyond forgiveness. When I forgive someone, there is no guarantee that we will have a restored relationship. Forgiveness is solo. You can forgive someone who is dead. It may well be that even after I have forgiven someone that we remain estranged.

Reconciliation, is a joint venture. However, there can be no restoration of relationship without Biblical repentance. As the prodigal returned to the Father in a position of humility, “I am not even worthy to be called your son” Luke 15:19; so we must repent if the relationship is to be restored.

You cannot sweep things under the rug and pretend that things never happened. This is not true repentance but is operating under deception and will produce a superficial, disingenuous relationship, doomed for failure. No true fellowship can take place under these circumstances. God requires Biblical repentance (not a “sorry not sorry”) as a means of reconciliation. It’s the only way to any restored relationship.

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