Just a snippet from my Prayer Journal:

   As I began my reading today I asked You to open my eyes to help me know You just a bit better. I just kept reading until I got to Psalms 130, verses 7 and 8, “O Israel, hope in the Lord; for with the Lord there is unfailing love. His redemption overflows. He himself will redeem Israel from every kind of sin.” My Redeemer. To get a fuller picture of You as my Redeemer I googled Redeem. Wow, the picture just unfolded and gave me more depth—like the picture developed into 3D.


Definitions from Oxford Languages · Learn more


1. compensate for the faults or bad aspects of (something).

  * do something that compensates for poor past performance or behavior

 * (of a person) atone or make amends for (error or evil)

 * save (someone) from sin, error, or evil

2. gain or regain possession of (something) in exchange for payment.

 * pay the necessary money to clear (a debt)

 * buy the freedom of

   It is with Your unfailing love that You redeem me; You compensate for my faults, which are many. In Your unfailing love You atoned for my sin. I love the picture of this next one—to gain or regain possession in exchange for payment. You made me; You are my Creator. I belonged to You from the very beginning. Yet my sin separated me from You. In Your unfailing, infinite love You paid to regain possession of me. You paid the necessary payment for the debt my sin accrued. You bought my freedom from the slavery of sin.

   I don’t know if this would speak to someone else how it speaks to me this morning, but I am so grateful that You opened my eyes to a facet of Your character that I want to soak in. Today I want to continue to ruminate on You being my Redeemer. It is so beautiful.

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