TAKE COURAGE AND STRENGTHEN your hand. King Asa began a reformation movement in Judah, it was in his heart to destroy all the idols and take down the high places, restore the teaching priest and God’s law to the land. Because he set his heart to seek God, the prophet Azariah brought a word to him, “The Lord is with you while you are with Him…. But you, be strong and do not let your hands be weak, for your work shall be rewarded!”” II Chronicles‬ ‭15:2,7‬ ‭And Asa took courage to do the will of God.

When anytime you set out to do a work for the Lord, the enemy comes immediately and he brings fear and doubt, “did God really say?” People will rise up against you to discourage you, but take courage my friend, strengthen your hand for your work will be rewarded! Many told us to not plant a church, that it would fail in the first few years; but God said it would flourish. Take courage and strengthen your hand.

The enemy has tried multiple times to destroy the church; but God said the gates of hell will not prevail, take courage and strengthen your hand. What work has God told you to do? Has fear and doubt crept in as you stepped out in faith only to sink? Shut out the voice of the enemy and say to those voices, “Get behind me Satan!” Take courage and strengthen your hand! It may look dim right now, but God is with you while you are with Him. Your work will be rewarded. #runyourrace

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