Seven Other Spirits More Wicked

  • TITLE 7 other Spirits more wicked Today is Reformation Sunday! 
  • Today I’m going to use our scripture that we’re in Matthew, to illustrate a point about Martin Luther, the catholic church and why receiving Christ is paramount to living
  • Our Scripture for Today is Matthew 12:43 -45 READ
  • The explanation of this verse is connected to the context of what Jesus is trying to explain to the l- Jesus says- I am the savior, the chosen one- receive me as Savior and all will be well
  • He uses an allegorical example of a Demon as an example- if demon leaves a man, there must be something to replace what has left, or 7 more demons come back and make it even worse. 
  • Which- pertaining to Israel- if they reject Christ (in their current sinful state) and Christ leaves them, the only option that is that 7 times the amount of demons will overtake them without receiving Christ.- This is true for Israel- it is true for us- we can’t have an empty house. 
  • Do you know what a squatter is? I read a story of a guy who has been in a house since 98- do you know what squatters do? Look for vacant houses- they don’t move into where someone is
  • Those who reject Christ are found in the end, worse of than the beginning- bc of empty house
  • 2 Peter 2:21 For it would have been better for them not to have known the way of righteousness, than having known it, to turn from the holy commandment delivered to them.
  • The simple answer is- Don’t reject Christ or you’re not going to turn out well. 
  • This is what was happening during the time of the protestant reformation (the time when Christians broke off from the Catholic Church) The Catholic church WAS Christianity and it was in disrepair- it had wholly become something that was not doing what it was supposed to do- setting people free from sin- quite opposite- it was freeing people to sin- 
  • The pope in the early 1500s was Leo X- a man who history has not regarded well- The supreme leader of the catholic church at the time- used money from the church for his own art, allowed people to buy their way into heaven, he enlisted other cardinals to collect money for his personal use. Many claim he wasn’t even a professing Christian- but pope nonetheless 
  • He was quoted as saying “How very profitable this fable of Christ has been to us through the ages.”. And that’s what he did- used Christ for his own Gain- 
  • He was- in fact- not a Christian while leading the global Christian church at the time
  • A man, who rejected Christ, who found himself 7 times worse because he had not Christ
  • This is an historical example of a man without Christ- all of the outward appearances of godliness- a pope, a leader, the right clothes, words, actions and power- all useless in his pursuit of righteousness- because of his refusal to accept the simple offer of Salvation that Christ offers- he was an empty house that an evil spirit moved into. 
  • Its people like this that profane the name of Christ that people use as a reason to not accept Christ- people who are CINA Christians in Name only- 
  • Rejection of Christ and reception of evil because the house is found empty
  • Here’s a truth- there is a no-option option- every- body- house- has a spirit choose to receive Christ- We know we’re spirits- “stinky Stanley” “That isn’t you- you’re matthew be matthew” 
  • And so today is the 504th anniversary of Martin Luthers day of Reformation
  • I Think its important that we celebrate it today- it encapsulates why we are not Catholic
  • Its important because it encapsulates who we are as protestants. (People wonder these things) 
  • Over 504 years ago on 31 oct 1517 there was a monk named Martin luther who nailed 95 thesis on to the door of a church in Germany
  • The church door in those days was like a facebook wall- it invited debate on an issue. 
  • Someone printed a bunch of copies (thanks to Gutnebergs new press) and the rest is history
  • Luthers parents wanted him to be a lawyer, but while in law school he was almost struck by lightening. It scared him- he wondered if he wasn’t supposed to be a lawyer- 
  • Luther thought it was God judging him- 2 weeks later he dropped out and became a monk
  • Years later Martin Luther said this- 
  • by Stephen Nichols, Martin Luther: “I myself was a monk for twenty years. I tortured myself with praying, fasting, keeping vigils, and freezing—the cold alone was enough to kill me—and I inflicted upon myself such pain as I would never inflict again, even if I could…. If any monk ever got to heaven by monkery, then I should have made it.”
  • But here’s what he found- what he was doing OUTWARDLY wasn’t changing who he was INWARDLY- He felt guilty and he couldn’t do anything to shake his guilt
  • Luthers mentor sent him to Rome to help him find relief, but when Luther Got to Rome, he was taken aback by the horrible sinful conditions he found in Rome. 
  • so he felt Guilty went to the city to find relief, and found the city full of sin- sounds familiar?
  • He returns to go and Teach at University and forever was wrecked by this question- “how can I be righteous before God’- 
  • Now if you believe in God- and want to know him- you want to honor him. You want to get it right. And many of us have wrestled with this same truth as well- “How then should I live”
  • During that time, the catholic church prescribed that if one would confess, pay penance, do acts of service, that the guilt would go away. But it wasn’t working- 
  • What Martin figured out was there was a huge difference between what the Catholic church taught and what the Bible said. He went to the Bible and was amazed at what he found
  • Now stop here- This is what we find in many peoples lives- they want to honor God- they want to go to Heaven- and so they grab whatever is coming around to make them feel righteous
  • This is why we find ourselves where we are today- all around America people agree with things that come across the TV because they want to feel righteous
  • They will agree with things that seem virtuous in the public eye because they long to be righteous. Regardless if its biologically, scientifically, socially or legally correct. 
  • No one wants to stand up and say something is wrong bc that seems unrighteous. 
  • Now what Martin Figured out- that was GROUND BREAKING at the time- in his study of Romans 1:17 For in it the righteousness of God is revealed from faith to faith; as it is written, “The just shall live by faith.” 
  • NOW we are not made right through what WE do but because of what CHRIST does to us through FAITH- previously- made right by what we do for the CHURCH or the POPE
  • Guilt left Martin when he realized this- he was set free in a way that he never thought possible. The pain of his sins and his past were released! 
  • It was because of this transformation that he posted his 95 thesis on the door of the church- started the protestant (protest) reformation and now we are no longer catholic
  • Much changed the pope didn’t forgive people, Jesus did. Church tradition didn’t dictate doctrine, the Bible did. Christian worship included a Sermon, not mass. Got rid of the unbiblical doctrine of purgatory, no more worship of Mary, praying to the saints, it brought in congregational singing, translated the Bible into the language of people, the priesthood of all believers, and gave us only 2 sacraments- baptism and communion. And, that church leaders can marry- bless God- and now- 504 years later- we’re still protesting (protestants)
  • So from the Protestant reformation we get these 5 solas that I want to teach you today- it helps you understand why we’re protestant and not catholic- many of these you know, not by name, but were revolutionary at the time. 
  1. Sola Scriptura – wicked
  • Scripture alone is the source for spiritual truth. Not our experiences, our feelings, our pope, our church. The reformation brought us back to scripture as the center of truth. 
  • 2 tim 3:16 (all scripture god), 2 Pe 1:20-21(No prophecy came on own), Jn 17:17 (sanctify truth)
  • This is why we reject modern day adjustments to scripture to fit modern narratives
  • As Christians- our ONLY source of Truth is found in the Bible. THIS WHY I FULLY REJECT ANY notion, idea, process, plan, adoration, ethos, standard, that isn’t in the BIBLE. NONE OF IT
  • This isn’t to say we don’t read other books, or study other subject. I can’t learn about chicken coops from the Bible. Its not a recipe book. God, family, relationships, leadership, worship etc
  • But when it comes to knowing God, what he wants from me, how to live, what to believe, the BIBLE is the truth. We adjust what we believe to what the Bible says. We don’t adjust the Bible Seems basic today, but 500 years ago it was radically transformative to center the bible. 
  1. Sola Fide
  • Faith alone. This means that salvation- is received by FAITH ALONE- That’s our part
  • The Catholic church of the time encouraged giving money for salvation
  • Johan Tetzel- “When a coin in the coffer rings, a soul from Purgatory springs.”
  • The reformation rejects this. And we declare it every Sunday- Your money will not get you into heaven. None of it. You can not buy your way out of Hell or anyone else- 
  • Its like in that movie titanic- the rich man standing on the deck trying to get on the boat- nope
  • Salvation is not based on how good we can be, what services we do, how much effort we put in
  • THIS IS WHY We cannot save ourselves  Catholicism has penance- hail marys and our fathers etc. Doesn’t work my friend. No amount of human effort can bring about salvation
  • The catholic church condemned justification by faith alone in the council of trent in the mid 1500s as a response to the reformation
  • Romans 5:8 But God demonstrates His own love toward us, in that while we were still sinners, Christ died for us.
  • 1 John 4:9-10 READ Romans 4:4-5, Gal 2:16
  1. Sola Gratia
  • Grace alone is what makes our Salvation possible. It means we are saved because of what Jesus did, not because of what we do or did. THIS IS GOD’S PART v Sola Fide 
  • John 3: 18-19 READ  Eph 2:8-9 READ
  • Grace means undeserved favor- God only owes us judgment based on our sins. Its not because we are good that we are saved it is because God is good. 
  • THIS IS WHY we revere God so much- We are THANKFUL of what he has done for US
  • This destroys human ability as a means of salvation. It means that we were rescued! 
  • Modern day preachers want to preach your value as a means to describe why you should come to christ instead of preaching HIS value. God didn’t save you because you were worth it. 
  • Salvation is 100% God. We respond to it- but its HIM
  1. Solo Christo 
  • (Through Christ alone) Catholics made the priests the intercessor between God and man- reformation showed Jesus as our “High Priest” who intercedes on our behalf
  • Hebrews 4:15 READ
  • THIS IS WHY Jesus is the one who gives us access to God- not a spiritual leader. We have direct access to God through Jesus Christ- not through another person
  • Personal faith in John 14:6 reconciles us to God through Jesus Christ
  • Romans 3:24 READ
  • The Gospel is not prosperity, God’s plan for your life, Happiness, influence, healing, it is being rescued from God’s judgment through Jesus Christ
  1. Soli deo Gloria – wicked
  • All to God’s Glory This is the truth that giving God the glory is the goal of life. Not to please Church leaders, follow rules, serve ourselves, get a great job, education, family etc. Our goal is give God Glory
  • God created us. We turned on him. He saved us. We now live to give him all the glory. 
  • 1 cor 10:31READ
  • This one encapsulates many of the solas in that if any of us contribute anything to our salvation, we can claim some glory with God. 
  • THIS IS WHY we LIVE FOR HIM> If its all a gift, and none of us- than we can get no glory
  • Yes, we answered, we grabbed the line, we stood up, we confessed etc, but it was HIM not US
  • A hungry mouth has to open and chew, but I didn’t make my own food. 
  • So what does it mean to you? (Read Matthew 12:43-45
  • Every man must make a decision on what spirit they are going to let into their life- 
  • Jesus said “so it will be with this wicked generation”
  • When you reject Christ- something is going to fill that void- and when it does- its going to be 7 times worse. 
  • Is it far fetched to say how much more godless America has become in the past 30 years? We’re not just normalizing sexual sin- we’re normalizing theft and violence. Lying and idolatry. 
  • This wicked generation is receiving its just reward- but we don’t have to walk that way
  • Martin Luther brought a “reforming” of the Church- really the world- that they had lost sight of what it meant to be right with God- and today we need a reformation in our hearts
  • Intrinsically we all know what the world offers wont make us right with God- its not how we vote, what vaccine we get, education, $, houses, cars, jobs, SM etc. None of it removes guilt. 
  • What spirt are we going to receive? Ephesians 1:13 READ
  • That seal of promise protects us from evil. Keeps us in the faith. Forgives us from Sin. 
  • That same guilt and shame that haunted Martin Luther can be repelled today in our hearts if we would receive the forgiveness of Christ- Turn from our sins and turn towards him in Faith
  • The scripture says “the last state of a man is worse than the first” after they reject Christ and that’s the truth- Rejecting Christ is to receive the spirit of the world- that clearly- has no salvation. God’s wrath continues on the spirit of the World, but through Christ forgiveness reigns. Would you receive the forgiveness of Jesus today? 

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