Small Groups

These are strange times, but God is still on the throne. As such we are going to have to adjust to maintain contact with each other.

We will be having Virtual Small groups based off the Wednesday Night Service. The normal Wednesday night sermon will be streamed but released with a set of questions for you to think about. You will then meet online using zoom (video conference software) with your assigned small group and discuss those questions with them.

Who is my leader?

The leaders are deacons of the church. They will be reaching out to in the next few days. If it’s getting close to Wednesday and you haven’t been contacted please message or email Pastor Todd

When is my small group?

Your small group leader will let you know. If that day/time doesn’t work for you let your leader know so we can get you in a different group.

What if I don’t attend FVC?

Yes we would love for you or your friends that don’t attend FVC join us during this time. Just let us know so we can include you in a small group.

What is Zoom and how do I use it?

Zoom is video conferencing software that is free to use. You can download it for your PC or for your smartphone or tablet.

Zoom On PC
Install Zoom App On Phone

What is the format of Small Groups?

The format is discussion. All sermons are posted at after they are completed. The sermon discussion questions will be at the top. You should come to the small group having listened to the sermon and also having thought about the questions.

We want everyone to have a chance to talk so please stay muted until it’s your turn so others are not distracted by background noise. You should also be in a place that has good lighting (so people can see you) and plan to be as distraction free as possible.

Having Zoom already installed and setup will help you be prepared.

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