DO NOT FALL INTO THE TRAP of the enemy where you think you are in a right standing with God and that He is pleased with you because He speaks something to you. God used a donkey to speak to a wayward prophet. He continued to use a rebellious Samson, and mightily I might add. He spoke through dreams to a pagan Pharaoh and an idolatrous Nebuchadnezzar.

Do not mistake His love, care and concern for you and others and take it as an approval of your life. Listen up! If you are actively living in sexual immorality, continuing a sexual relationship with someone you are not in a covenant one man, one woman marriage, then God is not pleased. If you are actively in disobedience, it is idolatry- preferring your law above God’s. God still speaks to the rebellious because HE is good, HE is love, HE is kind; even though you are living under the doctrine of Jezebel, “Nevertheless I have a few things against you (in HIS CHURCH), because you allow that woman Jezebel, who calls herself a prophetess, to teach and seduce My servants to commit sexual immorality and eat things sacrificed to idols.” Revelation‬ ‭2:20‬ ‭Sexual immorality and idolatry go hand in hand, they are spiritually demonic sisters.

What does Jesus tell you to do? REPENT, turn away from your sin and change your mind. He doesn’t desire that you would perish, but He must destroy wickedness for HE is holy, HE is just, HE is the righteous Judge. Read Revelation 2:23. You do not have to be destroyed along side Jezebel.  #runyourrace

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