Called to Battle – square

this morning the Lord asked me a powerful question: “Where is your treasure?”. It grieved me, because though I love the Lord more than anything else, there are still times that I’ve been distracted by my own desires.

Many times I’ve had to walk away from my own pursuits because it wasn’t what the Lord had for me, and it can be incredibly painful. But I dare not place anything above Him, it was necessary for me to decide in my heart that I will pursue Him no matter the cost, no matter how many times I stumble or fail, no matter how often I must repent and continue on.

What about you? Do you make Jesus THE treasure of your heart, or do you split your allegiance between Him and the cares of the world? Are you as excited for His presence as you are for His blessings? Pray for God to examine your heart and reveal the hidden truths within, is He your treasure or have you merely deceived yourself into believing it to be true?

Only the Lord knows the depths of the heart, and only through prayer and the work of the Spirit is it revealed to us. There will soon be a time when the nations will be gathered, and many will stand before the Lord hearing Him say “Depart from Me, for I never knew you”. These are those who were deceived into believing that Christ was their treasure, but never took the time to pray and ask God to examine them. They did the work and neglected the relationship (Mat. 7:22), they made Christ a means to an end rather than the ultimate pursuit.


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