WHAT WILL YOUR STORY BE? Abraham’s story was that he obeyed God when He told him to leave everything he knew; land, friends, family and go to a new land. Abraham obeyed and was called a friend of God. I think what if Abraham had said, “No”? His story would be quite different. We would probably have never even heard of him, or of Isaac, Jacob and Israel. God would have found someone who said “Yes! Choose me. I’ll go!”

I have prophesied God’s plan to a lot of people, some obeyed and some didn’t. God’s plan is still the same, but disobedience changes your story. God does not make you do anything you do not want to do. In John 6, Jesus proclaims to a bunch of His disciples, “I AM the bread of life. He that eats Me, even he shall live of Me”.

He was saying that we live and remain in Him as we remain in fellowship with the Holy Spirit and receive, obey and feed on His Word. His Word is Spirit and life. But many of His disciples were offended at this Word and they left off following Him. They changed their story. Jesus had a plan and purpose for their lives, but they decided to follow a different path than the one the Lord laid out for them.

You have that same choice. The Lord has a beautiful plan and purpose for your life, but it involves you obeying Him and following the narrow path. Let me let you in on a little secret, just because it is hard and rocky, doesn’t mean it’s not His story for you. It means He’s developing your character as you walk out that path. Do not get offended because your path seems difficult. Stay on the narrow path and obey the voice of the Lord. Do not get distracted by what the world wants you to do; you do not want to take a 40 year detour for disobedience. Let Him write your story and you just put down your pen.

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