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It shall be the lowliest of kingdoms; it shall never again exalt itself above the nations, for I will diminish them so that they will not rule over the nations anymore.
Ezekiel 29:15

Egypt was a formidable world power at the time Ezekiel prophesied this. In their affliction Israel turned to Egypt for support against Babylon, the instrument of God’s wrath against them, therefore Egypt placed herself against the will of God by coming to their aid.

There is a message for the ages written here: what God speaks cannot be undone by the power of man. No amount of work and toil, no amount of striving and planning can undo what God has declared. Egypt was never again a world power after the Lord declared them to be a lowly kingdom; they were given over as spoil to king Nebuchadnezzar as his wages for (unknowingly) doing the Lord’s work (Eze. 29:20).

What does this mean to us? Why, o man, do you continue to work and toil for things that God has not declared for you? Why do you continue to pursue in vain that which the Lord has not given to you? When the Lord closes a door, no one can open it (Rev. 3:7), yet you continue in vain. Choose the narrow path that the Lord has chosen for you, and you will find satisfaction for your soul and rest in His perfect will. Only then will you be satisfied; only then will you be filled.

All of Egypt was given as pillage to the king of Babylon simply for being the instrument of God’s wrath, how much more will He give to those who knowingly obey and serve Him? I do not speak of monetary gain, but of wealth that cannot be lost and riches that do not rust or fade (Matt. 6:20). People spend their lives in pursuit of what God freely gives to those who serve Him (Matt. 6:33), because the treasures of this world are dung compared to the treasure of His presence and the riches that await those who faithfully pursue Him to the end.


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