SOWING AND WEEPING. God will not be mocked. For whatever a man sows, that (and only that) is what he will reap; or in a lot of cases “weep”. Yet, so many cannot look at their life through the lens of honesty and see the destruction that they have brought upon themselves: poor parenting, negligent in sowing into relationships, non-tithers and poor financial decisions, divisive and arrogant dissenters wrecking havoc, the easily offended and the list goes on.

These weep and blame everyone else for their destruction, refusing to see the error of their ways and to examine the fruit of their disobedient behavior. They are still blind and arrogant. “With the kind and merciful You will show Yourself kind and merciful, with an upright man You will show Yourself upright, With the pure You will show Yourself pure, and with the perverse You will show Yourself contrary. For You deliver an afflicted and humble people but will bring down those with haughty looks.” Psalm‬ ‭18:25-27‬

‭ God shows Himself contrary to the perverse, the one who is difficult to deal with, the disobedient. Contrary- perversely inclined to disagree or to do the opposite of what is expected or desired. You cannot sow in disobedience and reap blessings; that would make God a liar. Scripture declares it’s impossible for God to lie. Look at your life and examine your fruit. Bring it before God and allow the Holy Spirit to cleanse your heart and purify your mind.

In this life, weeping will come and we cannot escape storms; but do not bring destruction on yourself for refusing to obey the Word of God. Humble yourself before God and others. Weep and mourn over your sin. Humility is God’s way and obedience and submission to God’s Word always brings beautiful blessings. #runyourrace

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