Hosting Zoom On Your Phone

A quick tutorial on how to host your zoom small group on your phone.

First you need to install zoom. It’s in both the apple and android store.

Next you need to “signup”. If you use email you will need to confirm it (it takes a minute or two for them to spit it back to you).

Once you are logged in you should see this screen.

You want to click on new meeting (orange button). You will then get this screen.

Turn Your Video On (make it blue) and click start meeting

Before you invite people you need to make sure they enter the meeting muted (so you don’t have mass confusion).

In the lower left hand corner click more and then meeting settings.

Click mute on entry (make it blue)

Now your meeting is started you need to invite people.

Your most up to date call list can be found below

Click add participate and choose how you want to add them (messenger is quick and easy if they have it)

Once people start joining it will look like this.

In the participants button/tab you can mute and unmute people and also mute all

Things to Think About

It’s hard to get people involved normally. This is going to be EVER HARDER as people tend to fade into the background online. Work really hard to engage EVERYONE in your group.

You have 40 minutes and it’s a HARD STOP (because we aren’t paying for it). So be done before that :). Don’t let your “talkers” take all the time.

Every person doesn’t need to answer every question. Rotate around the group.

Discussion questions will be posted on the sermons themselves and also in band. You need to know what the questions are :).

Leave some time for prayer requests.

Remember just getting together is going to be a huge battle :). Take the win.

Every person in this small group counts as your monthly call on your call list. So you only have to contact people that don’t do the small group.

I would really suggest you do a “test” call before Wed so people can have a chance to figure out zoom and get it installed.

Your going to be great at this … Love you all PT.

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